WhatsApp is planning to change the way you receive messages in this way


WhatsApp new Features: WhatsApp has reportedly started rolling out the first beta feature for iOS users by 2022. According to a report, with the new feature, iPhone users will be able to see the profile images of the senders along with message notifications. As per the screenshot shared with the report, when you receive a new message from an individual user or group, the new feature will allow you to see a small photo of the sender in the notification.

The report further reveals that this feature is available to only a few beta testers with the iOS 15 operating system as the feature uses the iOS 15 API. The Facebook-owned platform will reportedly roll out the feature to more users with the upcoming updates. As this feature is still in beta phase, WhatsApp may face some issues while displaying profile photo for notifications, but these issues will be resolved when the feature is rolled out to the public.

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Last week, WhatsApp also started rolling out the beta update for iOS users. The update reportedly comes with hidden references about a feature that will allow users to create communities in future updates. A similar hidden reference was also seen on the beta update released for Android smartphones two weeks ago. For those in the know, the Facebook-owned messaging platform has been working on a community feature for some time now.

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According to reports, a community has a name and details, as seen on a group. After entering the name and details, users will get the option to create a new group or link up to 10 groups. An ‘announce’ group is also seen in the community. The report states that WhatsApp will automatically create this group for admin. Using this group admins will share a message to all linked groups.

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