WhatsApp is not going to get this third blue tick


Whatsapp Third Blue Tick: WhatsApp uses two ticks to notify the sender of the message. When the message reaches the receiver, there are 2 ticks of gray color. At the same time, when the message is read by the receiver, then these ticks turn blue.

There were rumors on the internet that the platform is working on the third tick to trace the screenshots. Maybe many people have come in the news. But, according to the reports, it has been termed as Fake News. “WhatsApp is not developing third blue check to trace screenshots. This is fake news”, the reports said, adding that there is currently no way a user can know what another user shared on WhatsApp Whether a screenshot of the chat or media has been taken.

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Meanwhile, a new report suggested that WhatsApp users may soon get a new service that will help them easily find nearby businesses. According to a report, WhatsApp may get a new section named Business Nearby.

As the name suggests, the new service will allow users to easily search by filtering nearby businesses using the new interface. This will be helpful for the users to search for hotels, groceries, clothes and clothes.

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However, it is not clear whether users will be able to order directly from WhatsApp or will only be able to see contact details, place and other such details. It has already been rolled out for some WhatsApp users in Sao Paulo. It is likely to be rolled out to more users in the future. This will include both iOS and Android users.

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