WhatsApp Banking: Note down the WhatsApp numbers of banks like ICICI, HDFC, AXIS, SBI, BoB, all the work of the bank will be done instantly


Whatsapp banking


  • You can do important work related to banks while chatting on WhatsApp
  • Things like money transfer, getting a new checkbook, getting KYC done are possible with Whatsapp
  • Not only private banks but also government banks like Bank of Baroda are ahead.

The picture of banking in the country is changing rapidly. Banks are constantly adding new features for the convenience of the customers. This journey that started with the facility of Internet Banking has now reached WhatsApp Banking. Now you can deal with the important work related to banks while chatting on WhatsApp. Now from work like money transfer, getting a new check book, getting KYC done, you will not have to bear the trouble of going to the bank for home or personal loan.

In the case of WhatsApp banking, not only private banks but also government banks like State Bank, Bank of Baroda are ahead. WhatsApp bots based on Artificial Intelligence technology i.e. AI can solve your every problem. Now you have to save the certified WhatsApp number of your bank in your mobile and send Hi in the message. Let us know which banks have which WhatsApp numbers and how you can take advantage of them.


The WhatsApp number of ICICI Bank is 9324953001. Any ICICI Bank savings account customer can use it. Also, customers having only Bank’s credit card can use this service to ‘Block/Unblock’ their card. Non ICICI Bank customers can also use this Tatkal service to know the location of the bank’s branches/ATMs in their vicinity.


The WhatsApp banking number of HDFC Bank is 7065970659. You can avail various banking facilities of the bank by saving this number. Here you can avail all types of services of the bank. This feature also provides HDFC Bank home loan facility. However, the loan branch of the bank also has a separate WhatsApp number.

HDFC home loan WhatsApp number

Home loan i.e. housing loan company HDFC has started a special WhatsApp feature ‘Spot Offer on WhatsApp’ for its customers. For this, you have to send a message to HDFC’s WhatsApp number (+91 9867000000).

SBI card whatsapp number

If you are a user of SBI Card, then you can get all the necessary information about your credit card with the help of number 9004022022.

Bank Of Baroda

Public Sector Bank of Baroda also provides WhatsApp Banking. Its whatsapp number is 8433888777.

WhatsApp numbers of other banks


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