What will happen to the Election Commission’s decision on Hemant?

The judgment given by the Supreme Court in the case of Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren will have an impact on many other things as well. They have got the immediate benefit from the decision of the Supreme Court that the PIL filed in the Ranchi High Court will be heard further. Two cases have been raised in the High Court through separate petitions. One petition has been investigated for money laundering through alleged fraudulent companies and the other is for getting mining lease in his name while in office. The Supreme Court has held both the PILs as not maintainable.

On the last day of his term, the bench of Chief Justice UU Lalit gave this verdict. The bench not only dismissed both the petitions, but also held that the land belonged to Hemant Soren and the purpose of the mining lease was not to earn profit. Only then this decision of the court will have an effect on the report of the Election Commission and the decision of the Governor. Keep in mind that BJP leaders had complained to the Governor about getting the mining lease in his name while in the post of Chief Minister and the Governor sent it to the Election Commission, on which the Commission sent its report to the Governor after a long hearing.

The Governor has asked the Commission to reconsider the matter and give its opinion again. After this came to the notice of the media, Hemant Soren, through his lawyer, approached the Election Commission and sought information about it. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court’s decision has come. The Supreme Court has not held the mining lease to be an offense and has also not considered the matter worthy of consideration. Then the question is, now how the Election Commission will disqualify Hemant Soren’s assembly membership? Even if he is disqualified on the grounds of propriety, he will not be debarred from contesting elections. Because contesting elections can be stopped only if there is a criminal act. If the Supreme Court has not considered it a criminal act, then how will the Commission consider it?

So, with this decision, the crisis on Hemant Soren’s assembly membership and the government will also be averted. Yes, in the second case i.e. in the case of money laundering, the Supreme Court has definitely said the Enforcement Directorate, ED that if it has evidence, then it should proceed. The court also said that for this there is no need to wield a gun on the shoulder of the PIL. In the last few days, the ED has questioned many close people of Hemant Sorene and arrested many people. ED has also issued notice to Hemant Soren in the case of illegal mining. If the agency finds or finds some evidence in this process, it is a different matter.

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