What is the use of Nitish’s Twitter handle?

What is the Twitter handle of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for? Is it just to pay tribute to those who died due to road accident, lightning, flood and rain? When Nitish Kumar came to Delhi for three days, the eyes of the whole country were on his visit. He also got more media coverage than usual. If any other leader does politics of uniting the opposition, then there is not much focus on him. But the media was eyeing each and every movement of Nitish Kumar. In the first two days, Nitish met at least eight leaders. But the picture or news of meeting any leader was not tweeted from his Twitter handle.

When he met Rahul Gandhi, Congress gave news about it. There is neither photo nor news on Nitish’s Twitter handle. When Nitish met Arvind Kejriwal, Kejriwal himself told about it by tweeting many photos. Sitaram Yechury himself also tweeted the photo of meeting Nitish. Nothing was told about this from Nitish’s Twitter handle. Think, he is on such a big mission and he met more than half a dozen opposition leaders but did not publicize it in social media. Had he not been on Twitter, it would have been one thing. But he is on Twitter and but his handle is not getting information about his movement in Delhi. If he met Mulayam Singh and Akhilesh Yadav or went to meet Sharad Yadav or met Omprakash Chautala, other people informed about all this.

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