What is the option of BJP in Bihar

After five years in Bihar, the BJP has suddenly come into the opposition. Till now she was in government with Nitish Kumar. If we leave out the time from 2013 to 2017, the BJP is in power in Bihar since 2005. Now it has to do the politics of opposition and that too in front of the common strength of Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad. Keep in mind that the politics of Bihar has been revolving around the faces of these two leaders for the last 32 years. In such a situation, BJP has an opportunity to do politics by making anti-incumbency issue of 32 years. But for this BJP will have to bring a new face. Sushil Modi, Nandkishore Yadav, who represent the ruling face of the party, are out of the mainstream. But there will also be no competition with state president Sanjay Jaiswal or Union minister Nityanand Rai.

BJP had made Nityanand Rai first state president and later Union Minister of State for Home in the hope that if RJD is weakening, they will bring Yadav votes towards BJP. But now that the RJD has become very strong, there is no political need for Nityanand Rai. Sanjay Jaiswal is also a very weak leader and he will not be able to compete with Nitish and Tejashwi. In such a situation, BJP has the option to forward Kushwaha leader and that leader is Samrat Chaudhary. He is the son of Shakuni Chaudhary, the tallest Kushwaha leader of Bihar and has a long political experience. Secondly, he is a good speaker and a fighting leader. The effect of caste politics in Bihar is such that Yadav and Kushwaha cannot live together. Kushwaha votes for Nitish only when he is with BJP. The Kushwaha community has eight percent votes, which Samrat Chaudhary can associate with the BJP. If BJP joins Chirag Paswan with him and puts other upper caste and most backward caste leaders behind him, then there can be a fight.

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