What happened to your maths?

Before the Punjab assembly elections, when Arvind Kejriwal was asked in an interview with a television channel that from where he would give one thousand rupees and free electricity to every adult woman, he had explained an account. He had said – Although commission runs up to 40 percent in contracts in Punjab, but if 20 percent average commission is considered, then 20 percent of the budget of one lakh 70 thousand crores will save 34 thousand crore rupees and by stopping sand smuggling, we will save 20 thousand crores. . He further said – these will be 54 thousand crores, while giving one thousand each to every adult woman will cost 10 thousand crores and electricity will be two and a half thousand crores i.e. 12 and a half thousand crores, while I will have 54 thousand crores extra every year.

Similarly, Bhagwant Mann said that in Punjab, contracting is with the leaders, sand work is with the politicians, transport is with the leaders, liquor is with the leaders, the government will take all these work in its own hands and the revenue will be transferred. in government account. So the government will not be short of money. But as soon as the government was formed, Bhagwant Mann reached Delhi to demand one lakh crore rupees from the Prime Minister. He has said that the condition of Punjab is very bad, there is a debt of three lakh crore rupees, so for the next two years, the central government should give 50-50 thousand rupees. Keep in mind that Kejriwal had earlier said that there is a debt of three lakh crores but his government will also free Punjab from debt. However, it seems that from now on, preparations have started to break the blame on the center.

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