What happened to Sonali on the night of 22nd August? Who gave drugs, read Sudhir’s confession

Accused Sudhir Sangwan has written the complete Kabalnama in which he has written the entire story of the night of 22 August. What happened to Sonali Phogat at night and who gave her MDMA drugs. The answers to all these questions lie in this confession.

Sonali Phogat (file photo).

Sonali Phogat There has been a big disclosure in the case of death. accused Sudhir Sangwan He has written the complete Kabalnama in which he has written the whole story of the night of 22 August. What happened to Sonali Phogat last night and she MDMA Drugs Who gave The answers to all these questions lie in this confession. Sudhir Sangwan wrote in the confession-

“I Sudhir Pal, my friend Sonali Phogat 43 years old from Sant Nagar Haryana and our friend Sukhwinder Singh came to Goa on 22nd August 2022 to stay at Grand Leoni Resort in Anjuna, North Goa. We checked in to the hotel room at around 2:30 in the afternoon. At 4:30 pm, Sonali Phogat asked Sukhwinder Singh to buy MDMA drugs and bring them. All three of us had a desire to get addicted to MDMA drugs.

At around 8:30, Sukhwinder Singh came to our room and said that 12 thousand is needed for 4 grams of MDMA drugs and he will get the MDMA drug from the room boy of Hotel Grand Leoni. I gave him 5 thousand in cash and said that he will give 7 thousand from his side. After that around 9 o’clock Sukhwinder Singh came to our room. In his hand was a small packet containing chemical without color. Sukhwinder said that he is MDMA.

Sonali took some portion of the packet from Sukhwinder and made 2 lines finely. The three of us decided to pull in the MDMA nose. The three of us drew two lines each from the nose. The three of us had planned to go to the Curlies Beach Club. At around 11:30 pm, Sonali and Sukhwinder left for Curlies with two scooters. At the same time, a girl Vanaya and her friend who already knew Sukhwinder also left for curlies on a scooter with their friend. I put some of the remaining MDMA from the room in an empty plastic bottle and kept it with me and the remaining MDMA I kept in the same plastic and put it in my pocket.

We took a pre-table near the dance floor at the Curlies Beach Club and ordered beer, orange juice, cocktails and cake. Also brought a water bottle along with it. During that time we were five people at Curlies Restaurants. I put water in the bottle in which I had brought MDMA and Sonali took that bottle with her and mixed it. I, Sonali and Sukhwinder drank the MDMA dissolved in water alternately.

Sonali Phogat got drug overdose

At around 12:45 pm, all three of us went to dance on the dance floor. All three of us were dancing from 2:00 to 2:30 in the night. After that Sonali told me that she has to go to the washroom and I took her to the toilet on the left side. He urinated and vomited in the ladies toilet. That’s when I realized that Sonali had an overdose of MDMA drugs. At the same time, I put the packet of MDMA drugs in the empty bottle in which MDMA was mixed and put the lid of that bottle and I put that bottle in the flush tank of the lady’s toilet and closed the lid of the flush tank. After that we both went back to the dance floor. Meanwhile, Sonali kept asking for water in between and I kept on drinking.

At around 4:30 in the morning, Sonali asked me to take me back to the ladies toilet. I took them. Then her feet were staggering in a state of intoxication and she sat down near the same toilet. Then I supported them and took them to the toilet. Inside the ladies toilet, Sonali pees and sands in clothes. Sonali wore pink and blue short jeans that day. Later I cleaned Sonali, only then she said that she has become more intoxicated with drugs and she will not be able to walk and she sat on the same toilet seat. I made them drink water and made them sit on the ground down in the toilet and I kept giving them water.”


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