What are the top search engines in India?

The full world where everyone has content and it’s difficult to understand what it is without having the top search engines in India. This great search engine would be able to understand everything that is happening all over the world. The Top search engine in India would be able to provide the correct thing. You all understand what search engines hence are; there are a few people who might find it difficult how to use the search engine.

If anyone wants to check the top 10 search engines in India, then you can read this article and get to understand what each one is all about.

What is a Search Engine?

A search engine is a fully-developed program that will find searches and will check the stuff in the storage. The information will then answer with words and then replies by using keywords/characters which are given by the user to search for a site on World Wide Web.

What are the top search engines in India?

Archie was the first top search engine in India which began in the year 1990 at McGill University. Top search engines in India will think about your question as a piece of information and then rapidly gets the output by getting all the details from different areas.

Here are the top Search Engines in India:

  • Google: It is an American multinational IT company that involves internet services. The products are online promotion technologies search, software, cloud computing, etc. The Google search engine is called Google Web Search.
  • Windows Live/ is free; it is a personal email service that is from Microsoft. This was first announced on 1st November 2005. The content is still being sent through Windows Live in addition to MSN.
  • This is the junior Amazon that is called for giving more traffic to the website. Alexa started a partnership with Google in 2002. Google has given the search, then live search, and now its in-house applications that will run on their quest. Alexa gives traffic details, global ranking, and other details to 30 million other sites.
  • This is one of the most famous& best web search engines. It has a Chinese language search engine for sites, audio files, and pictures. This began on 1st January 2000. Baidu is being used by the search engine which is based in China that gives the content of more than 740 million web pages.
  • Bing has started in 2009 by Microsoft. is known& it is used in many searches Engine that is all over the world. This top search engine in India is well-known for a few years hence; it has been developing with a paragraph one at a time.
  • Yahoo: This top search engine in India is partnered with the American multinational IT company Yahoo. This company’s main branch is situated in California, United States.
  • DuckDuckGo: DuckDuckGo has a 0.66 percent search engine market share. According to DuckDuckGo’s traffic statistics, they serve 90+ million searches each day on average, although their entire market share remains around 0.6 percent.
  • formerly known as Ask Jeeves, has a 0.42 per cent share of the search market. ASK is based on a question-and-answer structure, with most inquiries being answered by other users or by-polls.
  • Ecosia Christian Kroll created Ecosia, a Berlin-based social enterprise, in 2009. The primary goal of Ecosia was to assist in the funding of tree-planting and restoration projects. As a result, it’s dubbed the “tree planting search engine.”
  •, a company created by two Delhi IIT alumni, launched the country’s first local Internet search engine.


Here are the top search engines in India that have been used by people, if you have not used any of them you could try them out.

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