Western countries fight me – Putin

moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin has challenged Western countries. He said that instead of helping Ukraine, Western countries should directly join the war and fight Russia. It’s been four months since the invasion of Ukraine, and during this time Russia has occupied large areas in the eastern part of Ukraine. This has boosted his spirits and he has challenged all the western countries including America.

Challenging the Western countries, Putin said – If Western countries want to support Ukraine, then join the war against us. Significantly, Putin does not consider the February 24 attack against Ukraine as war. He says that Russia is conducting a special military operation. Referring to this, he said – the attack has not even started yet. Expressing displeasure with Western countries, Putin said – because of the sanctions imposed on Russia, it is becoming difficult to negotiate peace with Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the Russian army launched air strikes in several areas of Kharkiv and Donbass in Ukraine. Three people were killed and five were injured in this attack. Challenging Western countries, Putin also showed condolences to the people of Ukraine. He said- Western countries themselves are pushing the people of Ukraine to fight, not joining the fight. He also pointed to maintaining peace in the war against Ukraine. Along with this also warned the western countries. Putin said- We are not against peace, but those who are against it, they should know that the more the interference of Western countries increases, the more difficult it will be to maintain peace.

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