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Watch the Hollywood glory of South Indian film hero Dhanush; 319 crores spent on shooting a scene!

South Indian films superstar Dhanush is in discussion about his Hollywood debut these days. Dhanush has made his Hollywood debut with the new film ‘The Gray Man’ of the director duo Russo Brothers, who became famous with Hollywood’s superhit film ‘Avengers’. It is Netflix’s most expensive action thriller film. The film was co-written by the Russo brothers Anthony and Joe Russo. Along with this, both have also produced and directed it. Because of this, Netflix has given him a budget of $ 200 million i.e. Rs 1600 crore.

The special thing is that this big budget film has been shot in the best locations around the world. Talking about the shooting, Joe Russo said that the shooting of this film almost took our lives. It took a month to film one action scene of this film. The scene featured Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling fighting an entire army of assassins with big guns. A tram passes through Prague’s Old Town quarter. Ryan is tied to a rock during the fight. About $ 40 million i.e. Rs 319 crore has been spent to shoot this one scene.

The film will star Indian South superstar Dhanush along with Hollywood star actors Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas and Reggie John Page. Dhanush’s Hollywood debut with this film has been a bang. The film has been released in many theaters in America so far. The audience watching this film is very fond of Dhanush’s performance. Dhanush’s work has also been praised by the film’s heroes Ryan and Reg. Significantly, this film is going to be released on Netflix on 22 July.

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