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Walled: Man’s Labyrinth!

to fragment the entirety of the earth and of human society, his suicide, separator, The boundary wall is the symbol of the destructive process… The boundary wall of religion, wall of civilizations, nation state, The division of humanity in the boundaries of race and then dying in mutual competition is the labyrinth of man, Who has done the most harm to humanity. Due to this, man and nature were exploited immensely by man. As a result, being ruined, it is now the mouth of the Holocaust.

Doomsday Estuary-10The Human Story: With an explanation of human nature, his innate creation versus a blank slate, if any truth is certain, it is that of the four walls breaking the entirety of human society. Don’t know why this happened but human study is without totality of human life. There are currently eight billion people on Earth. They are divided into so many walls, so many fragments, diversity of identity as if there are eight billion people in different enclosures and gates of the zoo of the earth. Man is divided into so many varieties of species, human groups and caste, class, color, gender, race, country, civilization, culture that beyond these the truth is also lost that the biological composition of all human beings is the same. The origin of human nature and nature, good and bad, is the same, everlasting, cosmopolitan. Six thousand years ago all human beings on earth lived life without boundary walls, boundaries, different identities, discrimination. Then human society was one and now it is divided into many.

The boundary wall is a symbol of its suicidal, divisive, destructive process of fragmenting the entirety of the earth and human society. True, there was no anthropology of thought on man until the 19th century. Man was considered in terms of religion, culture, geography, history, language, racial qualities. There was a study of types of humans in the different labels of the four walls of human groups.

curiosity, surroundings, boundary wall

Man means story. The reason for this is the eruption of brain consciousness in the primitive man. Man’s thinking was out of curiosity. Initially an inquisitive nature to understand the surroundings and gradually develop a self-centered curiosity to understand oneself. If man found more brain, then in his curiosity there were endless experiences and experiments of living the environment and life. The difference between a chimpanzee and a man is that the brain of an animal is alive by innate DNA creation, the same brain force of human curiosity was flying human like a rocket. The chimpanzee’s descendants, the doors of the primates’ intellects were so open, their senses were so intrigued that they first touched the surroundings. Made yourself Then in self-centred curiosity, man made his own identity, security in those groups, boundary walls, enclosures, cages, from which the life of human groups, animal form of diversity is maintained existence.

The boundary question is very serious. This is certainly an evolution from the DNA nature of both primitive humans and chimpanzees. The division of humanity between the boundaries of religion, the boundaries of civilizations, nation-states, races and then dying in mutual competitions is the maze of man, which has done the most damage to humanity. Due to this, man and nature were exploited immensely by man. As a result, being ruined, it is now the mouth of the Holocaust. Because human society is scattered, unequal, therefore the boundary wall of human groups lives in one-sided individual tendency. Man consumes first in individuality. Then the family lives in the ego of the fragments of clan, clan, caste and creed. In the end, it surrounds itself in the wall of slavery or ego of the environment and community behavior. How then is it possible to have a self-centered idea of ​​the collective wholeness of eight billion human beings? How can everyone be caring for the earth at once? How can human civilization progress step by step in its entirety, becoming a cosmopolitan-all-time behavior?

The disadvantage of boundary walls is that at every level, individual, tribal and civilizational, the energy of myriad nations, species, is constantly being channeled! Think, past and present, the strength of the human population, most of the energy of its development, is not going to security? There is also a scientific truth of the nature of chimpanzees that their mind is also engrossed in the security of their team and enclosure round the clock. I will discuss this in detail further. The human characteristic is his individuality. Because of this he has made his pegs, his shell, his limits, he has limited himself. To live within limits means to be part of a platoon, to be governed by one’s command. To be intertwined in the fabric of security, hunger and ownership. Whether give it the name of boundary wall or country or existence living in animal farm.

This truth is a wonderful dimension of human nature and its evolutionary sequence.

99 Percentage Same Yet Variations

Homo sapiens lived in individuality for some one lakh ninety thousand years of its existence. That life was one of solitude, of family and clan. After this, there is that time of six-eight-ten thousand years, in which Homo sapien bound himself in the circle of four walls of society, religion, system, state and king. So, the first stage in the evolution of Homo sapiens was to live life with individual individuality. The second stage is for man to make four walls from the realm of society, community, religion, politics, divide himself into different tribes, human groups. Both things match the seed and life of the original chimpanzee DNA.

Man is an untold creature of the living world because his concurrent descendant is alive. Both the external and internal characteristics of chimpanzees and humans are evident from scientific evidence. The external features of the biological structure of the human body are known to all. Such as walking on two legs, tool use with complex mind-culture-language development, are the characteristics of the nature of being a social animal. These qualities are the product of the gradual development of man. Living in the networking of past and surroundings with them, the truth of attaining a superior, independent universal existence of man is also an untoward incident of the living world.

But what about the incineration development of man’s self-made four walls? The biological composition of all human beings is built in genetic chromosomes i.e. identical DNA. In the biological composition of every animal in human society, 99 percent of the DNA is the same. No two human beings are genetically 99 percent alike. If this is true, then why are humans motivated to live in individuality, within boundaries and boundaries, to form different species? Why is man afraid of another man, one country, another? Why are there fights between the four walls? Why is the nature and nature of all human beings not for universal brotherhood and oneness?

Think, how different people are from each other, fighting-fearing and having differences of intelligence-mind, stature? These differences are manifested by the difference of four walls (ambient-geography-history-religion etc.), caste, society. Do you then believe that the one percent difference between human and human DNA is all wrong? If every human being has a different genetic tendency in traits, behavior, behavior, abilities and to live in differences of physical characteristics, then what is the difference in one percent of DNA? Out of eight billion people, one person from each side will be found in a different way, is it from innate DNA or due to the variations and variations created by the boundary wall of the environment? Should the 99 percent similar DNA have sparked more similarities among eight billion people, or the one percent difference should have made the discord, the differences that make the fight more apparent?

I believe that the decisive fortress is the collective disorder of the human groups of the four walls and their surroundings. Human civilization has become scattered, hollow, dilapidated due to this.

Think, the foundation is 99 percent identical DNA, but how are the faces visible above the surface differentiated? How is the difference between Ram and Ravana in human beings? How did Gandhi and Hitler differ? How is the difference between India and America created by the same nature of human beings?

Then what is the reason responsible for not having four walls?

In 1859, Charles Darwin formulated the theory of the origin of species i.e. ‘On the Origin of Species’. Then the evolutionary explanation of the evolution of man through natural selection, natural selection from the environment was validated, a new scientific understanding of understanding man and his nature, texture was formed. To the extent that human evolution (with absolute precision, the development patterns of human evolution) became the roadmap for scientific post-mortem. It was the urge of science that now that truth should be discovered, so that the essence of the biological composition of the body could be captured. The idea behind this tune was that if the truth is caught, then man will be able to improve, change, modify and grow. Darwin’s nephew Francis Galton, in its nature, gave science the word Eugenics.

Clearly, since the last century, human beings have been driving the roadmap for post-mortem, diagnosis and transformation of nature from a blank slate to a full-nourished slate. While penetrating the human nature, this idea is old that what should be such, so that the human race can be made as desired. As such, science now seems to be reaching the verge where it will be able to manipulate human nature with its DNA surgery in the supposedly empty or full slate of the human brain.

R u serious? Is science going to make man a tool that can renew nature? Will he be able to make the poor wise, the slaves free? What can make free-natured humans a pet or a lively man, a mechanical one, or a flock of human beings brave of lion instincts?

walled use

In the mystery of human nature, the environment is one truth of nourishment from the boundary wall, then DNA is the second truth in science! With the help of Charles Darwin’s theory of man’s decomposition by the natural selection of the environment, efforts have been made to make man customized by locking him in the laboratories of thought. Communism has done experiments to humanize the surroundings, the boundary wall of a particular area, to make ideal human beings. China is keeping the dream of becoming the head of human civilization by using human robot machine in its boundary wall. But think if the Chinese shepherds, leaders, communist party got the injection of DNA science to bind humans in the same mechanism forever, then they would use it or not?

enclosures and biodiversity

Therefore, the future role of science in the arrangement of man’s boundary wall truth, animal farm, can be frightening. Science has penetrated into the nature and biological creation of man. Humanity, global think-tanks, thinkers, scholars are so fed up with the life experiences of the last two hundred years that they too can take the help of science in the diagnosis of the incinerating character of human nature. Certainly the future of man is to become more and more insecure within the old four walls. The destruction of the old boundary walls by science and their new construction are about to create new dangers!


In fact, science is revealing the truth of human biological variation by finding DNA in biological composition. In other words, if human is divided into different boundaries in religion, geography, politics, civilization, culture from the past, if it is fortified by the tendencies of animal farm, then it is due to Human Biodiversity. It is possible that in the near future the boundaries of cultural-civilizational differences and human tendencies will be defined by human biodiversity. The enclosures of human groups may have special stampings on the certification from the nation’s biodiversity.

Then how dangerous will the future be! As there is a conflict of civilizations in the future, then in the dispute of biological human difference, racial battles, the fencing of man versus man and the battles are also fixed in them.

Think, on the basis of genetics in biological creation, if the truth is popularized that Jews are the most intelligent of humans, African blacks by nature and nature are the best athletic of physical abilities, while Chinese is a civilization with genetics of ownership tendency or American society, white Eurasian sympathies And most exposed to antipathies, they carry the DNA of innate perfection, so what will be the future of the interactions of eight billion human beings on earth? How much the authenticity of Biodiversity across castes, races will be terrifying to humanity! What will be the dispute?

At what stage will homo sapiens reach then? Will they become god humans or savages, barbarians of mechanical texture? Therefore it is necessary to understand the genetic depths of the biological composition of the body in the next aspect of human nature. (Ongoing)

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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