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Lucknow: Apart from the world visible to our eyes, there is another hidden living world which we call the “hidden world of microscopic beings.” There are many types of microorganisms such as single cellular and multicellular There are many such multicellular microorganisms, whose structure we can see to many extent with our eyes. But it is impossible to see single-celled micro-organisms with the naked eye, for which we have to use a microscope.

Do you know that like humans, cells also talk to each other? You might be shocked to hear this but it is absolutely true. Just as we humans talk to each other through different mediums and stay connected, in the same way living cells also talk to each other and stay in contact with each other. On the other hand, if we talk about coronavirus, then it keeps changing its form with time, in fact this process is called mutation. Any cell, even if it is a virus, gives birth to a new cell like itself and this process of becoming one to two cells is called cell cycle. During this process, due to the miscommunication, the genetic material of the new cell is changed and this change is called mutation and such cell is called mutant cell.

In the modern world, just as we are connected to each other through mobile and internet, in the same way cells keep in contact with each other and exchange information through signals and chemical exchange.

Giving information, Dr Rakesh Kapoor, Director, Medanta said that whether human body or any microorganism, their cells are interconnected in many ways and they communicate through different mediums. For example, if a microorganism like virus, fungus or bacteria comes in contact with the cells of the human body, immediately the human cells come into action and try to contact the surrounding cells through signal or chemical secretion and warns that an external microorganism has come into contact with them.

What if cells don’t talk to each other?

If humans stop talking to each other, then all the work will come to a standstill, in the same way, if the cells do not make contact with each other, then the existence of life in the world can be in danger. Because when the cells themselves do not make contact with each other, then the attack of external microorganisms in the body of that living person will not be stopped, which can destroy his life.



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