Viral Picture | People troubled by inflation, to avoid evil eye, garlic started hanging with chillies, see picture

This picture is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

New Delhi: Inflation is increasing day by day in the country. After petrol and diesel, now the price of lemon has increased. For the past few days, the skyrocketing prices of lemons have created a bad condition for the people this summer. In the rising heat, where people get relief from lemonade. At the same time, due to the increase in the price of lemon, it has become difficult for people to buy it. A lot of memes are being shared on social media about the rising prices of lemons.

IPS officer Rupin Sharma has shared a picture on his Twitter. In this picture, not lemon with chilli, but garlic is seen hanging. You must be aware that, often people hang lemons and chillies on shops and vehicles, so that they do not have an evil eye. But, now the picture of hanging garlic with lemon is going viral on social media. Actually, lemon has become quite expensive, so now garlic can be used to keep the evil eye away. This picture is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

IPS officer Rupin Sharma wrote in the caption of the picture, ‘In the absence of lemon in view of rising inflation, garlic was put on deputation. Garlic took charge today. Many people are making funny comments on this picture on social media. One user wrote – This deputation will continue till further orders.

Rajul Raghuvanshi

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