Violence of medical students in Bihar’s Darbhanga, shops and vehicles set on fire, throwing petrol and setting four on fire

Darbhanga | Bihar News: In Darbhanga, Bihar, there has been an incident of fierce nuisance in which an attempt has been made to burn 4 people alive. Many people were injured in this nuisance and many shops have been set ablaze. According to reports, late last night an argument broke out between the student of Darbhanga Medical College and the medical shopkeeper over some issue. Whoever caught sight of it on sight that many people were injured.

Bihar News: Regarding this incident, the aggrieved shopkeeper says that the students of the medical college reached the grocery shop to get Maggi. After the shopkeeper was not at the shop, the students asked the staff shopkeeper sitting at the adjacent medical shop and he said that the shopkeeper is coming now. In just this, the medical students quarreled with the staff, accusing them of saying wrong words and called their other colleagues by phone.

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Petrol threw 4 people on fire
Meanwhile, one of the students, who took an aggressive stand, slashed the shopkeeper of the medical shop with scissors and threw petrol at the shopkeepers and set it on fire. In which 4 shopkeepers got burnt. According to Javed Khan, the owner of the medical shop, the student did not agree even after persuasion and set it on fire.

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80 lakh medicine set on fire
Medical shopkeepers allege that the students attacked them with sticks and sticks. In which many people got injured. Along with this, the students also burnt the medicine worth 80 lakhs kept in the shop. 4 shops have been burnt in this arson. The fire brigade personnel who reached the spot to extinguish the fire were seriously injured due to the cylinder blast in the middle of the fire.

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Cars were also set on fire
Not only this, the students also set two cars of Mo Shaheed Khan on fire. The martyr alleges that the students were intoxicated and they also opened fire. In this incident, 5 students of the medical college are also getting injured. However, no arrest has been made so far.

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Two policemen also injured
Police reached the spot as soon as the incident was reported and took the situation under control. In this regard, SDPO Krishna Nandan Kumar says that as soon as the information about the incident was received, the police of many police stations of the district reached the spot. He said that 4 shops were burnt in the incident. Two policemen were also injured in this.

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