Violence after Friday prayers in Kanpur

Kanpur, Violence erupted in Kanpur on Friday against the alleged derogatory remarks made by a BJP spokesperson on Prophet Mohammad Saheb in a television channel debate. The dispute started after Friday prayers in Kanpur and people of two communities came face to face. There was stone pelting from both sides. Stones were also pelted at the police who arrived to pacify the dispute, after which the police lathi-charged. Later, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that anyone who instigates violence will not be spared. Both the President and the Prime Minister were in Kanpur when the violence took place.

However, the dispute took place in Bekganj area of ​​Kanpur, where people got agitated after Friday prayers. It is worth noting that BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma had allegedly made objectionable remarks on Prophet Mohammad Sahab in the past, due to which people were angry. In protest, the people of the Muslim community were closing the market near the Yatimkhana. The people of the Hindu community opposed it, after which the controversy escalated. People also threw stones at the police who came to pacify Mala.

Earlier, during the Friday prayers in most mosques, it was said that they will not tolerate any remarks made on Mohammad Saheb. Apart from these arguments, Muslim organizations also appealed for market closure. Police did not allow people to protest after Namaz in any area. But people came out on the streets. About a thousand people gathered at the parade intersection and once the ruckus started, the situation soon became uncontrollable.

The police found it difficult to take action by entering the narrow streets. However, the situation came under control after a riot that lasted for about four hours. Police have detained 22 miscreants. Regarding this violence, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that strict action will be taken against the miscreants. No one will be spared. It is being told that some chaotic elements involved among the Namazis had first entered Chandresh’s hand and pelted stones. After that the atmosphere deteriorated. The chaotic elements involved in the crowd also opened fire. At present, there is an atmosphere of tension in Kanpur.

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