Uttarakhand: 80 year old woman was affected by Rahul Gandhi, the entire property was taxed…

Dehradun | Women Impressed Rahul Gandhi : It is seen many times that people get so influenced by political figures that they are ready to do anything for them. One such case has come up from Dehradun in Uttarakhand. An elderly woman living here on Monday donated all her property in the name of former Congress President Rahul Gandhi. He prepared a will in this regard, in which this matter was also mentioned. After preparing the will, the woman presented it in a court here. After this the whole matter came to the notice.

Influenced by Rahul Gandhi

Women Impressed Rahul Gandhi : Giving full details of her assets in the will, 80-year-old Pushpa Munjial requested the court to hand over the ownership of her entire property to Rahul Gandhi. Dehradun Metropolitan Congress President Lalchand Sharma told that later Munjial handed over the will of the property to former state Congress president Pritam Singh at his residence in Yamuna Colony. The woman is said to have been a teacher of a government school and Munjial says that she has given her property in her name due to being heavily influenced by Rahul Gandhi’s ideas.

Now in old age home by giving everything…

Women Impressed Rahul Gandhi : Munjial says that from the independence of the country till today, the Gandhi family has always gone ahead and given their highest sacrifice for the country. He said that whether Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi, he sacrificed his life for the unity and integrity of the country. While Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have dedicated themselves to the service of the country. The elderly woman also said that her father also had close relations with the country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Munjial, who was unmarried throughout her life, is currently living in Premdham old age home in Dehradun.

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