Uttar Pradesh: When the election is over, the party begins, wearing khakis fiercely in film songs.


Moradabad | Moradabad Police Virel Video : The assembly elections to be held in 5 states of the country are now over. The exit polls of all the states have come in front of them and all the political parties are churning them out. In Uttar Pradesh, there has been a lot of peaceful voting this time as compared to every year. After the election was over, the administration was happy and some police officers did something that has come in the headlines. Now this video is becoming increasingly viral in social media, in which khaki uniformed inspectors are dancing fiercely in film songs. In this video, many big police officers including CO Ashutosh and Civil Line Shiv Sagar Jain are visible.

Video from Moradabad

Moradabad Police Virel Video : According to the information that is being received regarding the video or the video is from Moradabad. In this video, police officers are seen swinging and in the background, the film anthem is playing with stars wrapped on the body… Police officers are enjoying something like holding the mike in their hands as if not a police station or government office but an orchestra. program is. The biggest thing happened in which party only policemen are visible, it is not even that, local leaders of the area are also seen in the video.

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forget the limits of khaki

Moradabad Police Virel Video : According to the information received about the video or the video is of the party organized after the successful conduct of Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections in Moradabad. There has been a ruckus in the social media over the video and people are questioning the status of the district administration in Uttar Pradesh. Along with this, many people have to say that at least the dignity of the uniform should have been respected.

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