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Urfi Javed made a dress from tea bags, people’s heads went crazy

Urfi Javed: Urfi Javed has become such a name of social media today that he does not need any introduction. Urfi Javed is a famous television actress. But Urfi Javed has become famous for her fashion sense more than acting. Let us tell you that after seeing the new fashion sense of famous television actress Urfi Javed, social media users have gone berserk. This time, Javed has made a dress out of tea bags.

urfi javed made dress from tea bag


Let us tell you that by the way, new videos of Uthti Javed keep creating panic on social media. But this video of Urfi Javed is surprising people a lot on social media. It can be seen in this viral video that Urfi Javed is drinking tea when the idea of ​​making a tea bag dress comes to her mind. After which Urfi Javed has made her dress from tea bags. This new video of Urfi Javed is going viral very fast on social media.

People lost their senses on social media

Urfi Javed keeps sharing her latest videos with her fans through her Instagram account on social media. Urfi Javed’s fan following on social media is tremendous. Millions of people are following Urfi Javed on social media today. After watching this video of Javed, social media users have been forced to think. Urfi Javed always remains in headlines for her bold dress on social media.

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