Urban body elections: the stage of accepting the challenge

Bhopal. The polling for the last phase of the urban body in the state was completed on Wednesday and the way in which the voting was done in the first phase, the parties accepted the Election Commission as a challenge and succeeded in increasing the voting percentage.
In fact, despite the claims of strength at the booth level by both the major political parties of the state, BJP and Congress, questions were raised on the role of the parties as well as the Election Commission due to the lack of voting percentage in the first phase of polling. And after this the political parties and the Election Commission geared up to increase the voting percentage, its result also came out and in the second phase more than 72% voting was done. In the first phase, where the ruling party’s troubles increased due to low turnout.

At the same time, after the maximum voting in the second phase, party workers were seen making claims of victory, especially in Dewas, Ratlam, Rewa. At the same time, most of the seats in the first phase of polling are stuck in a tight contest. Now all the phases of the election of Panchayati Raj Naveen have been completed and multiplication of victory and defeat is being done. For this, the officials of the ruling party, BJP, who are also taking recourse to the political parties and candidate survey agency, were engaged in finding the reasons for voting, where the workers did not contact door to door at the booth level, did not inspect the voter list. The reasons for not showing interest in taking them to the center are being investigated.

On the other hand, the opposition party Congress is showing concern about the counting of votes. Congressmen are standing guard outside the strong room and the agents who sit in the counting of votes are being trained. So that there is no disturbance during the counting of votes, after a long time, the Congressmen have been able to make the hope of victory in the urban areas and they do not want to lose such an opportunity.

Overall, in the second phase, where the voting percentage has increased, the expectations of the ruling party have also increased. The ruling party has been compelled to think that what is the reason behind it and the party leaders are focusing on the election of the Presidents of the Municipal Council as well as the Janpad Panchayat and District Panchayat. Winning figures can be increased.

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