Urban body elections: Efforts to be removed from the field

Bhopal, Today is the last day for withdrawal of nomination papers in the urban body elections. Both the parties gave full explanation to their brothers, but those who had hoped to win on the basis of the party, they agreed and those who have faith in their efforts are standing in the field, the final picture will be clear by evening.
In fact, local level elections are considered difficult only because the political parties which have been gathering for years become chaotic during these elections and if they are not handled before the assembly elections, then they start to build up the equation. This is the reason that on Tuesday, the party leaders who were engaged in assuming the party leaders throughout the day, also got them talked about and assured to give importance to them in the coming days. The party was more likely to disturb the election of the mayor because of the rebels of the councilor’s post, due to which full emphasis was given on persuading the rebels.

However, both the parties exercised a lot in ticket distribution and declared tickets till the last minute. The guidelines had to be broken at many places and familyism was not avoided in efforts to give tickets to the winning candidates. While the Congress did not hesitate to field a resident of the other ward as well, the relatives in the BJP were successful in getting tickets from place to place, but despite this, the discontent has not stopped.

In the first list in Itwari ward of Sagar, which is running from cities to the capital Bhopal, BJP candidate Laxman Singh stayed in Bhopal with his colleagues and also met former Chief Minister Uma Bharti on Tuesday evening but he did not get success. Rinku Namdev has been given a ticket instead of him and she remained adamant. Finally a disappointed Lakshman Singh left for Sagar. Many such claimants kept on giving their arguments in front of the Appeal Committee at the party headquarters and the convenor of the Appeal Committee kept calling the members of the ticket distribution committee at the district level and at the divisional level and persuading them to go back to their area and join the party. Keep giving advice to work. On the other hand, most of the declared candidates did the work of persuading in the Congress party, celebrating the rebels at their own level and if needed, they kept on talking to the leaders on the phone assuring them while the state president of the party was made in-charge on the developments in Maharashtra. Later left for Mumbai.

Overall, today is the last opportunity for the angry rebels to withdraw their nomination papers in support of the declared candidate.

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