UPI fraud cases are increasing, NPCI cautions people, told the method of safe payment

UPI Fraud Prevention Tips: In the last total years, digitalization has increased very rapidly in the country. With the increasing digitization, there has also been an increase in the cases of UPI fraud. Every time cybercriminals try to defraud people in new ways. There has also been an increase in the cases of UPI fraud since the beginning of the Corona period. Vicious thugs are trying to cheat people in a new way every day.

Many times they call people in the name of lottery and later vacate their bank account after knowing the PIN from the people. Giving information on this matter, NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) has issued a warning for the customers. In its statement, NPCI has said that UPI PIN is never required to be entered to receive money in the account. At the same time, payment is either done through UPI or money has to be sent to someone from the account.

Fraud is happening through QR Code
NPCI has told that nowadays the incidents of fraud through QR code have increased a lot. Special care should be taken that never scan the QR Code while making any kind of payment. Along with this, never share the information of UPI Wallet PIN, card details like OTP, CVV, expiry date, grid value, type of card like Rupee or Visa etc.

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How UPI works
To make payment through UPI, you need a virtual payment address.
Along with this, the bank account has to be linked with UPI,
After this the Virtual Payment Address becomes your financial address.
After this you enter the bank account like account number, bank name or IFSC code.
After this, you can take and give payment through mobile number.
Try to transfer money through as many mobile numbers as possible and do not use QR codes.
You can use UPI through many apps like Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, BHIM etc.

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