UP Elections: This is BJP’s complete plan to reach 12 crore voters

BJP Plan to win UP Election: BJP’s special election strategy is behind CM Yogi Adityanath’s campaigning from Ghaziabad and Amit Shah’s Kairana.

BJP is working on a special plan to win the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections 2022. Under this, the party has planned to reach 12 crore voters of UP. The name of this program is- ‘Har Ghar BJP’. Under the BJP’s door to door campaign, 4 crore such households will reach out to those who have benefited in one way or the other from the schemes of the Modi government of the Center and the Yogi government of UP. BJP leaders will go to those 4 crore houses, which must have at least 3 voters. In this way BJP will get a chance to reach 12 crore voters directly.

Amit Shah started the campaign from Kairana and CM Yogi started from Ghaziabad.

CM Yogi Adityanath started this door to door program ‘Har Ghar BJP’ from Ghaziabad and Home Minister Amit Shah from Kairana. BJP has started this program from western. Two main reasons are believed to be behind this. First- Voting for the first phase is to be done from western Uttar Pradesh itself. Second- Due to the farmers movement, the position of BJP is being considered weak in western UP, which is why BJP is putting full emphasis on polarization in western UP, which is the reason why Amit Shah started his campaign from Kairana.

This is how ‘Har Ghar BJP’ connectivity campaign is being run

BJP will run ‘Har Ghar BJP’ campaign in all 403 seats of UP assembly. For this, UP BJP workers will visit 1,74,000 booths and campaign from door to door. The BJP has formed teams of five each to visit the homes of the beneficiaries of the schemes of the BJP government at the center and the state. Means one leader and five workers have been kept in a team. These teams will also distribute masks and sanitizers during this period of Corona.

BJP has called special campaigners from other states, will focus on Dalit and most backward

The BJP has also specially focused on the areas of Dalit and Most Backward Castes. The party has also called special campaigners from other states to focus in such areas. These campaigners and activists will try to woo the Dalit and most backward voters in particular.


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