UP Election Poll: BJP is getting more seats in the new survey, know what is the estimate about SP

Who is the first choice of the people for the post of CM in the UP Vidhan Sabha elections 2022, Akhilesh Yadav or Yogi Adityanath? In the new survey, people have also given opinion about Mayawati, Priyanka Gandhi and Jayant Chaudhary.

The Republic-P Marq’s opinion poll has come out regarding the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections 2022. In this survey, all the important parties of Uttar Pradesh – BJP, Samajwadi Party, BSP, Congress have been estimated to get seats. In the survey, questions were also asked to the people for the post of CM. In the Republic-P Marq poll, 16,390 people were asked questions, this survey was conducted between January 5 and January 16, 2022.

Which party will get how many seats in UP

In the Republic-P Marq opinion poll, the Yogi Adityanath-led BJP alliance is projected to get 252 to 272 seats in the 403-seat Uttar Pradesh. In the survey, the possibility of getting 111 to 131 seats has been predicted for the SP alliance. In the latest survey, the condition of BSP looks very bad, which has been estimated to get only 8 to 16 seats. Congress seems to be lagging behind even more than BSP in this election, it is expected to get 3 to 9 seats, while others are predicted to win 4 seats.

Which party is getting how many votes in UP?

In the opinion polls, the BJP alliance is likely to get the highest 41.3 percent votes in the 2022 UP elections, while the SP alliance will get 33.1 percent. BSP can get 13.1 percent, Congress 6.9 percent and others 5.6 percent. In the poll, 18 percent people considered the work done during the five-year tenure of CM Yogi Adityanath’s government as brilliant, 38 percent considered good, 25 percent said the work of Yogi government as average, while 19 percent people considered the work of Yogi government absolutely Said bad Similarly, when 34 percent people were very happy with the work of Modi government at the center, 28 percent considered it good, 24 percent average and 14 percent considered the work of Modi government at the center as bad.

Who is the first choice for the post of CM of UP?

In the poll, questions were also asked from the public about the first choice of CM post. In response, 41.2 percent people said Yogi Adityanath as the first choice, while 29.4 percent people said Akhilesh Yadav as the choice of CM post. Mayawati was given 13.4 percent, while Priyanka Gandhi was the first choice by 5.8 percent people. Similarly, 0.9 percent gave Jayant the first choice.

Who has how many seats in ABP-C voter’s opinion poll

ABP-C Voter has also done a survey regarding the UP Assembly Election 2022. In this opinion poll, BJP has been projected to get 221 to 231 seats out of the total 403 assembly seats, while SP is likely to get 147 to 157 seats, BSP 7 to 13 and Congress 5 to 9 seats.


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