Unique tribe: The women here bathe only once in a lifetime, there is also a unique belief about the birth of a child

The Himba tribe living in Namibia is very unique and their tradition is even more unique than them!

There are many strange tribes in the world, about which we are very surprised to know. These tribes have certain beliefs and traditions which are years old. While the urban people have forgotten their traditions and customs due to modernity, the tribal people still follow their beliefs and traditions related to their roots. One such tribe living in Africa still believes in some of its beliefs which may surprise you.

Let us tell you that the Himba tribe living in Namibia is very unique and their tradition is even more unique than them! We are saying this because the date of birth of a child is not considered among the people when it is born in this world. Rather, when the woman thinks that she will give birth to a child, since then the birth of the child is considered here. A user named Elizabeth Nasca on LinkedIn gave information related to the unique belief of this tribe.

About this Elizabeth wrote that the woman sits under a tree and tries to listen to the song related to the child giving birth. When she feels that the song has entered her mind, then she narrates the song to her partner as well and both of them sing this song even while having a relationship. It is believed that this song is a sign from the child and he is ready to come into this world. After this, when the woman becomes pregnant, she teaches that song to other women of the tribe and everyone remembers it together. Then in the phase of pregnancy, he surrounds her and narrates that song to her. From the time the child is born till he grows up, every person in the village remembers the song of the child, which he can sing in every situation, that is, to boost morale, to give comfort in case of injury or if there is any mistake. Singing and reciting Due to this, a person always keeps in mind that what is his reality. People keep listening to this song till the person dies and the song is sung to him till his last breath.

The most surprising thing related to this tribe is that the women here take bath only once in their life, that too on their wedding day. Apart from this, she does not use water. Not only this, even those clothes cannot be washed with water. To keep themselves clean, the women here boil special herbs in water and clean themselves with its steam. It does not stink from the body. Apart from this, to protect the skin from the sun, women make special lotions from animal fat and a mineral element like iron, hematite, and apply it on the body. Due to this element the body becomes red, due to which she is able to separate herself from the men.

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