Unique thing: In this country, the government is promoting alcohol, appealing to the youth to drink more and more alcohol, the reason behind this is surprising.

The competition being organized to promote alcohol, the Japanese government took this step in view of the continuous decline in the liquor trade.

Alcohol is generally considered injurious to health. Consumption of alcohol is banned in many places like Gujarat. In such a situation, if you come to know that a country is requesting its citizens to drink alcohol, that too a country which is famous for long life and healthy lifestyle, then it is justified to be surprised. We are talking about Japan. Japan is in the news again. The reason for the discussion is the promotion of alcohol by the Japanese government.

Competition was organized to encourage alcohol

Let us tell you that the government of Japan is directly advising the youth of the country to drink alcohol. Now questions are being raised on social media about this move of the government that after all, efforts are being made to harm their health by attracting the youth towards it. In this sequence, a competition named ‘Saka Viva’ was also organized in Japan in November to promote alcohol. Now in such a situation, the question arises that why is the Japanese government doing this?

Liquor business is getting weaker year after year, tax is decreasing

The fact is that the business of the wine industry in Japan is continuously declining. The government is doing this to promote it and put it in a strong position. According to the National Tax Agency’s report for the year 2020, only 1.9 percent of the tax collected is coming from the liquor business, compared to 3.3 percent in 2010, 3.6 percent in 2000 and 4.1 percent in 1994. Statistics show that every year the people of Japan are reducing the consumption of alcohol, which is reducing the tax on alcohol and causing huge losses to the country.

Effect of corona on liquor business

If some reports are to be believed, the reason for the rapid decline in the liquor business in Japan is due to the epidemic of Kovid. Due to the prolonged lockdown, the restaurant and bar were directly affected. However, the declining liquor business is affecting the economy here as many small and medium enterprises in Japan depend on it. If this happens continuously then the economy will be badly affected. Also, if the prices of liquor are increased, people can make more from it. In such a situation, increasing the revenue has become a big challenge.

Business plan is being sought from youth, so that alcohol consumption can increase

In November, Japan’s National Tax Agency had organized a competition named ‘Saka Viva’, in which the government had asked youth in the country to have a business plan to promote alcohol, beer and other such drinks. However, this move of the Japanese government remains controversial. At the same time, Japan’s Health Ministry says that understand the spirit of propaganda and drink alcohol responsibly.

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