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Unique Shraddha Festival

quota. A unique Shradh-Tribute Festival is organized during Pitru Paksha in Kota, Rajasthan. The social organization Karmayogi Seva Sansthan organizes tarpan and tribute programs for the peace of the souls of all the departed beings for 23 years for 16 days continuously with law and order.
Shri Karmayogi Seva Sansthan organizes this program for the peace of the departed souls by dedicating them to all the living beings who are doing public welfare work in public interest and for the overall development of the country and all the departed souls by organizing a mass feast on the last day of Shradh Paksha. is given farewell. On this day, on the eve of the arrival of Navratri, Deep Mahayagya is organized with the wish of prosperity and peace of the country and the world by lighting 404 Mukhi lamps from them since 1600.
The organizer of this event, the founder president of Karma Yogi Seva Sansthan, Rajaram Jain Karmayogi and coordinator Alka Dulari Jain Karmayogi said that the main purpose of this entire event is to bring peace to all the departed souls as well as to the present generation to be dedicated to the welfare of these beings. To inspire by giving information about the good deeds of.
Shri Rajaram informed that on the very first day of this event, on Sunday, on 8th December 2021, in a helicopter crash, the Chief of the Army Staff and the country’s first Chief of Defense Staff, Vipin Rawat, along with his wife Smt. Shradh was performed for the peace of the souls of all the martyred soldiers, while on Monday, the second Shradh was performed for the peace of the souls of all aquatic, landless creatures.
In this sequence, on September 13, the police personnel-officers who were martyred for the protection of the law are being cremated, while on September 14, all the judicial officers-advocates who dedicated their lives for the defense of justice, died on 15 September due to natural calamities, human errors. Shradh will be performed on 16th September for the peace of the souls of all the freedom struggle fighters of the country including the dead of Jallianwala Bagh, historical but the most brutal crime against humanity and on 17th September for the peace of the souls of unborn (female feticide) girls. .
Shri Rajaram informed that on September 18, the victims of terrorism, religious, communal, ethno-political violence, the personalities who have worked for human welfare internationally on September 19, on September 20 all the sportspersons, artists, painters, writers of the world There will be a Shradh of journalists, lyricists and personalities associated with the creation of art and literature.
In this sequence, the women who gave inspiration to the whole world, including the women who gave up their lives as sati for their pride recorded in the history of India on 21st September, the saints and saints who died on 22nd September, were left unclaimed and from starvation on 23rd September. Shradh will be performed for the dead, those who left the world untimely due to the global pandemic Kovid-19 on 24 September and on 25 September all those people whose family members were unable to perform Shradh along with religious rituals due to financial constraints. On this day, Karmayogi Seva Sansthan will bid farewell to all the departed souls by performing a common Bhandara. (talk)

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