Unique protest of Congress MLAs

Bhopal. Congress MLAs staged a massive protest on the first day of the Madhya Pradesh Assembly session. Before the start of the session, the MLAs reached the gate of the assembly complex with bundles of garlic on their shoulders and demonstrated by spreading garlic. Congress working state president Jitu Patwari, former agriculture minister Sachin Yadav, P.C. Many leaders including Sharma, Lakhan Singh Yadav, Kunal Chaudhary were involved in the protest.
Former Agriculture Minister Sachin Yadav says that BJP is buying MLAs, but farmers’ garlic is not being bought. The farmer of the state is badly troubled, the income of the farmer has not doubled, but the cost has definitely doubled. The situation is that the farmer is forced to throw his garlic produce in the rivers and streams. The prices of petrol, diesel and fertilizers have gone up but the price of farmers’ produce has not increased.
Congress MLAs demonstrated by spreading garlic outside the premises of the assembly. The garlic producing farmers of the state are not getting the right price for the produce, garlic is being bought at the rate of Re 1 per kg in the mandis. Videos of distressed farmers throwing their produce in rivers and streams also went viral on social media. (IANS)

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