Uma Bharti fears liquor gang attack

Bhopal. Uma Bharti, former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and BJP’s fire brand leader, fears that liquor mafia may attack her. Uma Bharti’s attitude, which has been demanding prohibition of liquor in the state, has been continuously tense. In this sequence, on Monday, she reached a liquor compound located on the Ayodhya bypass of the capital and got the curtains installed there. Not only this, she sat on a dharna in front of that shop. Uma Bharti says that, in front of the shop where I reached Ayodhya bypass, 40 years old Hanuman ji, Durga ji’s temples have been built.

For the last six months, I have been asking the government to close this shop. The shop was closed in September and within three days he came with a stay from the court, it hurt me a lot, I can’t wait for 7th November, when I came here I came to know that there is no compound in the whole of Madhya Pradesh. not allowed. At such a place where temples have been built, liquor is being served there. At least it should be turned off. It is to be known that Uma Bharti has been continuously demanding prohibition of alcohol. Not only this, she is going to go on a journey from the coming November 7, in which she will also put a chaupal in front of the liquor shops and will also do night rest under the river bank, temple, dharamsala, tree etc. (IANS)

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