Ukraine pushes back Russian army

Kyiv, It’s been 83 days since Ukraine’s attack on Russia and Ukraine’s military now claims it has pushed back Russian forces. Ukraine says its retaliatory strike is driving Russian troops back from several areas. A video of Ukrainian soldiers standing on the Russian border and telling their President that they have reached here is going viral. Oleksandr Sherba, former ambassador of Ukraine to Austria, shared this video on Twitter.

It is seen in this video that Ukrainian soldiers have reached the Ukraine-Russia border and are excited. Sherba wrote in the caption to the President of Ukraine, Voldimir Zelensky – Mr President, we have reached the state border of Ukraine with the enemy state. Mr President, we made it. Earlier, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry had told through a social media post that a battalion of the 127th Brigade of the Regional Defense Force of Ukraine had reached the Russian border.

On the other hand, the UK Defense Ministry has said in an updated update on the situation in Ukraine that since February the Russian army has suffered a lot. With this it is lagging behind in the war and Russia’s situation is less likely to improve in the next 30 days. Meanwhile, a meeting of NATO foreign ministers has taken place in Berlin, in which German Foreign Minister Annalena Barbock said that as long as Ukraine needs this support for her country’s self-defense, she will provide military help.

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