Ukraine got weapons of western countries destroyed

Kyiv, Russia has taken a decisive lead in the ongoing war in Ukraine. It has occupied large parts of eastern Ukraine. Meanwhile, there are reports that Russia launched a rocket attack from the Black Sea, destroying Ukraine’s arms depot. Weapons received from western countries were kept in that depot. Russian forces are constantly firing missiles at Ukrainian cities. War has intensified in Sverodonetsk, eastern Ukraine. There Russia destroyed a bridge over the river. This bridge was being used to get out the people trapped in the city.

Here, the governor of the Ternopil area said that Russia fired rockets from the Black Sea. This attack took place on the army of the city of Chortkiv, which destroyed the weapons kept there. These weapons were given by western countries to Ukraine as a help. 22 people were also injured in the Russian rocket attack. Russia has attacked a chemical plant in Sverodonetsk. About 400 Ukrainian soldiers are still trapped there. Russia has asked these soldiers to surrender. According to reports, five hundred civilians had also taken shelter there, who are still trapped there.

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