UKD leader Billu Valmiki accuses Mussoorie Municipality of killing him

Reporter: Sunil Sonkar

Billu Balmiki, a resident of Mussoorie and Uttarakhand Kranti Dal’s candidate from Rajpur Assembly, has accused Mussoorie Municipality President Anuj Gupta and unknown people of attacking him by giving a complaint in Mussoorie Kotwali, according to the complaint given to the police, Billu Valmiki has said that President Municipality Mussoorie Anuj Gupta entered the shop located at the Mussoorie Masonic Lodge bus stand and assaulted some boys and tried to burn them with gas. He was also attacked with a knife to cut vegetables kept in the same shop, due to which he was badly injured. He told that Anuj Gupta has threatened to kill him and his family using scheduled abusive language. He has demanded the police to take action against Municipality President Anuj Gupta and the people accompanying him. He said that the police is not showing seriousness in the matter regarding the head of the municipality, in such a situation, if action is not taken by the police, then he will sit on a dharna against the police in the courtyard of the police station. He told that he went to the Mussoorie sub-district hospital in the late evening and got his treatment done. On the other hand, Arjun’s son Late Dayal Singh resident Lal Bahadur Shastri National Administrative Academy Happy Valley has accused Billu Valmiki in Mussoorie Kotwali of being drunk and abusing and abusing him with the chairman of the municipality. It was told in Tahrir that at 6 o’clock in the evening, Masonic Lodge had arrived at Bus Stand Mussoorie to inspect the under-construction parking lot that Billu Valmiki started abusing the chairman of the municipality after getting drunk. In Diya Beej Bachao, Billu Valmiki fell on the ground in a drunken state, injuring him. He said that by abusing Billu Valmiki continuously, he threatened to implicate the chairman of the municipality in a false case. He demanded strict legal action against Billu Balmiki. Mussoorie Kotwal Girish Chand Sharma said that the Tahrir of both the parties has been received, in such a situation, action will be taken after investigation.

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