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Two termites of Indian democracy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Red Fort speech raised many issues to inspire the countrymen, but throughout the day, the party speakers on TV channels kept attacking each other fiercely on only two issues. Among them the first issue was familyism and the second issue was corruption. Although Modi did not take the name of any family party or any leader, but his gesture was two-faced. He was on the side of Congress. If Congress has become a mother-son or brother-sister party, then in which party the bad qualities that have been born out of this form have not been born? It is true that no All India Party is lying in the pocket of any particular family like Congress, but do you know any such party in the country, which is not working like a private limited company today? Internal democracy in all parties has been paralyzed.

One leader or a handful of leaders have put locks on the mouths of lakhs and crores of party workers. The provincial parties of India do not even wear the mask of a private limited company. They are working like father-son, brother-brother, aunt-nephew, husband-wife, lover-girlfriend, uncle-nephew, father-in-law-son-in-law party. All these parties are family-oriented. The basis of these family parties is casteism, which is a big form of familyism. These parties are alive on the basis of bulk votes. Whether you grab bulk votes on the basis of caste, whether you capture it in the name of Hindu-Muslim or mix it in the name of linguism, such politics is a termite of democracy. Our democracy is definitely the largest democracy in the world, but what if it grew up? Like palm trees! There is no shadow to the panthi, the fruits are far away !! If even after 75 years we could not make this palm tree into a mango tree, then how can we make our chest full?

All our leaders and people are also responsible for this weakness. If Parliament can find a cure for this disease this year, then in 2047 India can become the best democracy in the world. As far as corruption is concerned, it is visible that till date Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not even been slapped by him, but it is also a fact that even today corruption prevails in the administration and public life. Just by putting the opposition leaders in jail, you get good publicity, but it does not do the least amount of anti-corruption. All the corrupt try their best to survive by taking refuge in the government and those who are already with the government, they do not feel any fear while doing corruption. If corruption is to be eradicated from the root, then the distinction between one and the other must end completely and the punishments should be so severe as to shake the hairs and hairs of future corrupt.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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