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Twenty-two spoiled a lot!

The year twenty-two is scorching the earth. is melting. One reason is climate change and the other is the dryness of world politics. That dryness, which ends all those human concerns for which the world order is. There are global agencies and there are economic-political equations. Consider South Asia only. Think, Monsoon has not started and Assam and Bangladesh are submerged in water. There are global headlines about Bangladesh. On the other hand, Sri Lanka is in the news due to economic bankruptcy. Afghanistan is also in the news due to earthquakes since last week. But the attitude of the world is seen and unseen! The Taliban government appealed to the world for help, but the Islamic country and the China-Russia-Pakistan trio were also not running for help. Clearly the world is frozen and frozen by the Ukraine-Russia war.

Believe it or not, but the way this one regional war has made life difficult for eight billion people of the earth, it is the biggest crisis since the second world war. Shortage and inflation of fuel (petroleum substances) and food grains have disturbed the economy of all countries. Inflation, recession, capital-investment and apprehensions have been created in currencies and business.

The leaders of the G-7 countries (USA, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Italy and Canada) are meeting at the Elmau Palace in Bavaria, Germany. Believe it or not, this meeting is historic. The meeting of the G-7 and then NATO countries is going to decide how to deal with the Russia-China partnership. The green signal on Ukraine’s membership in the European Union or Zelensky’s talks with the G-7 leaders have their own meaning, but the real issue to consider now is that despite the sanctions, if President Putin’s health is not affected, then the reason behind them is China. have to be

Both Russia and China realize that a new strategy will be made against them in the G-7. Australia, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea (India not invited) have been invited as special guests in the NATO meeting of 29-30 June, so obviously NATO’s focus on China remains in the Indo-Pacific region as well. Therefore, the mobilization of the West vs Russia-China power test in world politics is a big issue in the twenty-two. New sanctions are going to be imposed on Russia in G-7. Before the winter, there will be new decisions to end the dependence of European countries on Russia in oil and gas. A decision will also be taken on aid and new consignment of weapons to Ukraine. It remains to be seen that after the occupation of the Russian-populated Eastern Province of Ukraine, if Russia’s shelling took place on the capital Kyiv, then what would Ukraine be called in its response? Will it get those long-range missiles, fighter planes, so that it can respond by firing missiles inside Russia?

Russia is not going to back down after occupying the eastern region. The global cynicism of President Putin and President Xi Jinping behind him requires either Ukraine to surrender or the EU-US exhaustively initiate a reconciliation initiative. Let them loosen up on restrictions. Yes, just before the G-7 meeting, Russia has sent a message to the G-7 leaders by missile attack on the Ukrainian capital Kyiv that it does not care. Even in the BRICS meeting three days ago, the way Putin and Xi Jinping showed their attitude towards sanctions, it simply means that Putin-Xi Jinping are confident in both military and economic aspects. Russia-China are assuming their victory. On its axis, we are in the belief of becoming the status of the rest of the countries of the world.

Obviously the Ukraine battle is now not only a test of strength in both the camps, but the one who wins is the Alexander of world politics. That would be Alexander China and its President Xi, not President Putin. Before the Ukrainian war, Russia was the world’s number two superpower in terms of nuclear weapons power. Now he is the hanger of China. Putin is in every way a favor to President Xi Jinping.

Therefore, it is natural for China to be the focus of the G-7 and NATO. The question is, can the Western Jamaat, which is facing the crisis of leadership, mess with Russia and China together? There is no other option. President Xi and China’s think-tanks recognize that there are socio-political conflicts within Western countries. There are no leaders like Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, Merkel. Even US President Biden does not have the stamina. It is not wrong to think like this in your place. But the miracle of the last five months (even during Donald Trump’s time) is that the public in European countries and America has united badly against both Russia and China. What has happened in Europe is spontaneous. Now no president is needed, but the leadership of the Secretary General and President of NATO and the European Union is a hit among the people.

All this is possible from the assessment that in spite of so many restrictions, if Putin is not stopping, then the reason is China. While Russia and its President Putin have deepened hostility in European countries, due to the prolongation of the war, the western equation of America-Europe-Japan-South Korea-Australia etc. has created a ruckus that the real devil is China.

In London’s prestigious weekly magazine ‘The Economist’, since January, ten covers have been made in the cover story about Russia-Ukraine and Putin and Russia, followed by China, President Xi Jinping and speculations of the new world order at number two. Huh. Then the cover of the analysis on the results of the Ukraine-Russia battle. It is known from them that what is the world politics of twenty-two? Believe it or not, the power test of Putin-Xi Jinping vs. Western countries will continue to dominate. In such a situation, all those issues, including climate change, world economy, will be marginalized, on which the world community was thinking and deciding before the Ukraine war.

Think, European society most serious about climate change is now starting back to coal power stations. The fuel and grain crisis has changed the priorities of many countries. In Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Egypt, Turkey, Arab-African countries, unrest-political turmoil is being created in the inflation of fuel, grain and food items. If America is really in recession and Western foreign investors continue to withdraw money from the stock-capital markets of China, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, India, then by next year the economy of most countries except a few will lose investor confidence. Is.

Wouldn’t such an economic scenario be the one to make a splash for China like Kuber at the moment? Some experts believe that Chinese President Xi Jinping will very soon be dancing the world under Chinese domination instead of American domination. Your thinking is different. Because the arrogance and pride in which China is the number one global superpower is based on the capital, technology and markets of the West. China can imitate, employ disciplined people, create wealth through business and earnings, but it cannot make intelligence, research-knowledge-science, whose mines are America-European civilizations. So in the short term it may build up status, but as it loses Western trust, it will automatically weaken.

But everyone has to lose. Twenty-two is the one who is going to make the world very ruined and miserable.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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