Turkey: 32 killed, more than 52 injured in two separate road accidents

Officials started investigating both the accidents, no report of connection between the two accidents was found.

Turkey is currently infamous for its road accidents around the world. Once again in Turkey on Saturday, at least 35 people were killed in two separate road accidents, after which the authorities have started an investigation into both the accidents. In Turkey, 32 people died in two horrific road accidents, while more than 52 people are said to be injured. The first of these was the accident of a bus full of passengers in Gaziantep, in which 16 people died. At the same time, the second accident happened in the city of Mardin where an uncontrollable truck trampled people.

Journalists were helping the crashed passengers

It is being told that the accident happened due to brake failure of the truck. Interior Minister Suleiman Soyulu said that 15 people, including three firefighters, two medical personnel and two journalists, died in the incident. In this regard, the local news agency ‘Ilhaas’ news agency said that two of its journalists, who had gone to help the people involved in the accident, were also killed in the accident. Television footage showed the rear of an ambulance seriously damaged after the accident.

The second accident occurred 250 km (150 mi) from Mardin, where a truck collided with two vehicles when its brakes failed. Meanwhile, the emergency team that reached the spot and the crowd present was hit by another truck. There has been no report of a connection between the two accidents. Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said twenty-nine people were injured in the second crash, eight of whom were in critical condition. Soyulu said that 20 people were killed and 26 others were injured in the accident in Derrick.

Two drivers have been detained in the case and investigation has been started. Pictures from Turkey’s DHA news agency showed the rear of an ambulance badly damaged in the accident and debris scattered around it. Turkey has a poor record in terms of road safety. According to the government, 5,362 people died in road accidents last year.

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