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‘Tunisha was not taking any such medicine’, the police made a big disclosure about depression

Tunisha Sharma Death: TV industry’s famous actress Tunisha Sharma committed suicide by hanging herself on the shooting set on 24 December 2022. These days Tunisha Sharma was seen in the lead role in the serial ‘Alibaba: Dastan e Kabul’. The police is probing the Tunisha Sharma suicide case thoroughly. Meanwhile, the police has made such a disclosure that everyone was surprised to hear that the police has made a big disclosure about the depression of the actress.

Police disclosed about the matter of depression

While disclosing this matter, the police has said that, ‘Statements of nine people including employees and co-stars were recorded. On 24th December Tunisha went for her shoot as usual. Tunisha went for her shoot as usual, at 3 pm she went to Seezan Khan’s room and was found hanging after about 1 hour. The post-mortem report at JJ Hospital states death by strangulation. Let me tell you that Tunisha Sharma’s mother has made serious allegations against Seejan Khan. He has accused Seezan Khan of abetment to suicide.

Tunisha’s last rites will be held today

Due to the departure of TV industry’s famous actress Tunisha Sharma, from her family members to TV celebs have also suffered a big blow. Tunisha Sharma’s last rites will be performed today at 3 pm. Let us tell you that this case has also taken a political turn. All politicians and big faces are demanding an inquiry into the matter from the Love Jihad angle.

Because Tunisha’s mother has alleged that Seezan Khan and my daughter were in a relationship for almost 3 months. But their relationship broke down two weeks ago when she found out that Khan was cheating on her. Seezan also promised to marry her.

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