Troubled by the inflation of tomatoes, this company had to appeal to the customers

Tomato Price Impact: Nowadays tomato prices have become a topic of discussion. From TV to common people, there is talk about its increased prices. Actually, behind the skyrocketing of tomato prices in the country, there is a huge increase in prices in South India. The price of tomatoes has gone up to Rs 120 per kg in some southern states and Rs 80 per kg in most of the Indian cities. At this time opposition parties or common people are all expressing their grievances on the rising prices.

from expensive tomatoes Zomato Worried

At the same time, food supplier company Zomato is also among those affected by this situation, which is clearly facing problems in its business due to increase in prices. It has been said by tweeting on behalf of Zomato that the price of Tomato has become more volatile than Cryptocurrency nowadays.

Zomato has mentioned the problems caused by the prices of tomatoes in its Twitter post. The company appealed to users on Twitter to support Zomato due to the increase in tomato prices. It was written by tweeting that friends, this is tomato, whose prices are continuously increasing and now it has become more volatile than cryptocurrency. So please don’t write 1-star reviews for us.

price rise

It is clear from this tweet of Zomato that it is also clearly facing problems due to increase in tomato prices. The situation is that people are paying more than Rs 70 per kg for tomatoes in most cities of the country.

On the other hand, the retail price of tomato in South Indian states especially Chennai was Rs 100 per kg, Puducherry Rs 90 per kg, Bengaluru Rs 88 per kg and Hyderabad Rs 65 per kg.

According to government data, tomatoes were sold in Delhi at Rs 72 per kg, while Tamil Nadu is paying up to Rs 119 per kg for it. Reports suggest that major cities of South India have received moderate to heavy rains during the Northeast Monsoon from the first week of November due to the continuous formation of low pressure areas in the Bay of Bengal or a cyclonic circulation in the Arabian Sea.

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