Transport Minister Gadkari made such a statement that MPs of all parties could not stop laughing…

New Delhi | Transport Minister Funny Speech : During the Rajya Sabha session, Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari made such a statement on Wednesday, after which members of various parties could not stop laughing. Minister Gadkari said that it is difficult to play character role after heroine. On hearing this, the MPs present could not stop laughing. The incident happened during Question Hour when Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari was answering supplementary questions related to the star rating system for cars.

In response to a question, Gadkari gave the answer

Transport Minister Funny Speech : BJP member Roopa Ganguly had asked him whether this facility can be available in two-three-year-old vehicles as the engines in such vehicles are in good condition. In response, Gadkari said that the rating system is for new vehicles and it is difficult to do so in old vehicles. In this sequence, he said that it is difficult for a heroine to become a heroine again after doing character roles.

Transport Minister Funny Speech :
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Has played the role of Draupadi

Transport Minister Funny Speech : Amidst the laughter of the members in the House, he said that the same thing applies to the hero as well. However, he later said that his comment was not about any member and should be taken as a joke. Let us inform that Roopa Ganguly has been a famous artist of TV and films and she played the role of Draupadi in the well-known serial ‘Mahabharata’ aired on Doordarshan.

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