Train Late Fake News: To spend time with family, false tweets were made about bombs in the train…

Indore | Train Late Fake News : Social media has made people’s lives easier and in many cases it has been seen that it has saved lives when people need it. But many times it is also seen that people take wrong advantage of it for their own benefit or convenience, due to which people have to face many problems. One such case has come to the notice of the Government Railway Police (GRP) of Madhya Pradesh. It is being told that two scavengers of a private contractor company have been arrested on Friday for making four false tweets about the placement of bombs in Gorakhpur-Bandra Express. Now the biggest thing is that you will be surprised to know why he did such false tweets.

Tweets were made with the intention of delaying the train

Train Late Fake News : Giving information in this regard, a senior GRP official said that the accused made these false tweets with the intention of delaying the departure of this passenger train from different stations. The reason for pursuing this was that they wanted to spend time with their respective families. GRP’s Indore unit superintendent of police Nivedita Gupta told reporters that the arrested accused have been identified as Milan Rajak (44) and Pramod Mali (25). Gupta said that four false tweets were made from Rajak’s Twitter account at different intervals on May 11 and May 18. He said that in these tweets it was written that a bomb has been placed in the Gorakhpur-Bandra Express and the lives of the passengers aboard should be saved.

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Case registered against both the accused

Train Late Fake News : The Superintendent of Police said that after these tweets, passenger trains were checked with the help of bomb disposal squads at Ratlam and other railway stations on both the dates. But no explosive material was found in the train. He told that earlier we were seeing a series of tweets about the bombing of the Gorakhpur-Bandra Express with suspicion of terrorist links. The Superintendent of Police said that on interrogation of the accused, it was found that they made false tweets with the intention of spending time with their respective families. Gupta said Mali had used Rajak’s mobile phone and his Twitter account to tweet about the bomb rumours.

The gardener’s wife recently gave birth to a child and due to the profession of cleaning passenger trains to distant destinations, he was not able to devote enough time to the family. A case has been registered against both the accused under relevant provisions of Indian Penal Code, Information Technology Act and Railway Act.

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