Tragedy in western Senegal, 11 children burnt alive in a hospital fire

President Mackie Sal himself gave information about this incident.

These days, there is a significant increase in the incidents of fire in the country and abroad. Many such cases have come to the fore in the past. Now a similar case has come to the fore in western Senegal, where a fire broke out at a new hospital in Tiwaune, about 120 km east of the capital Dakar, killing 11 newborns. This information was given by President Mackie Sal himself.

Let us tell you that just before midnight, President Mackie Sall announced on Twitter that 11 newborns had died in the fire. Describing this incident, the President said, “I have just heard about the death of 11 newborns due to fire in the neonatal department of the hospital. This is a very painful incident. I am deeply saddened by this incident.” The investigation into the accident is underway but the cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained. The President has expressed his deep condolences and sorrow for the families of the newborns.

It is being told that the fire was caused by a short circuit in Mamae Abdu Aziz Si ​​Dabakh Hospital. The fire in the hospital spread very fast. The city’s mayor, Demba Diop, said three infants were rescued after a fire broke out at the hospital. According to local media, Mame Abdu Aziz Sai Dabakh Hospital was inaugurated recently.

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