Top Reasons To Visit God’s Own Country : Kerala

Beauty, peace and serenity – these three words sum up the “God’s Own Country”, Kerala. The picturesque beauty of Kerala lures millions of tourists and explorers each year. It is an all in one package and that is the sheer reason why Kerala pulls so much attraction.

While there is so much raw beauty in India that you can opt to explore, Kerala tops the list of exotic places. To make you agree as strongly as we do, we have listed down a couple of reasons that will make you want to lift your bags and head to Kerala already!

Top Reasons to Visit God’s Own Country

Moderate Climate

Kerala Sunset

Brace yourself, as you will become mesmerized by the natural calmness in the air of Kerala. Let your mind, body and soul unwind as you take in the calm and pleasant breezes floating over the Arabian Sea. During the rainy season, the spells of rain make the weather very sultry. Although the sun can be scorching during summers, the climate in the hilly regions of Kerala is pleasing throughout the year making it friendly for tourism.

Coffee and Tea Plantations

Coffee and Tea Plantations kerala

Along with offering picturesque vistas, the coffee and tea plantations in Kerala also deliver delicious tastes. Understand the processes right from picking to the packaging of tea and coffee and how it has been made here since colonial times. Sample different coffee beans and tea leaves and also enjoy an invigorating cup while soaking in the natural beauty. The best plantations can be visited at Munnar, Thekkady and Wayanad.

Warm Hospitality

The warmth of the Indian hospitality reflects in that of the locals in Kerala. The state’s population believes in simple living and are down to earth. They appreciate small gestures and you will be flooded with gratitude in return. Opt for homestay options that will give you an insight into their lives and let them serve you with warmth and humility. The smile on your face will linger for a long time in the memory after leaving these tropical shores.

Backwater Ride at its Best

Kerala Tourism

One of the eye-catching features of Kerala is its backwaters because of the wonderful feeling it offers to its visitors of riding in the slow waters. Avail the mesmerizing feeling by sailing on a houseboat on these emerald waters as you glide across palm-fringed coasts. It comes with a cosy and well-appointed bedroom, restroom and an open deck to make your stay a luxurious one. Indulge in lip-smacking food that is prepared by talented chefs onboard.

Calm Beaches

Calm Beaches kerala

This slice of tropical South India is studded with exotic beaches that are as serene as they are clean. Kerala makes it very tough to leave any beach unexplored.

A stroll on the soft golden sand is a relaxing therapy and will help to rekindle with your inner self. Be it the small beaches like the Vypeen in Kochi or the popular beaches like that in Kovalam, Alleppey or Varkala, every stretch of sand has its own unique charm.

Enchanted Waterfalls, Hills and Forests

Enchanted Waterfalls kerala

It is replete with numerous majestic waterfalls, enchanting hills, deep running valleys and lush green dense forests. The misty hills and mountains in Kerala are blanketed in a truckload shade of green and the views over the plateau are mesmerizing. The cascading waterfalls from a massive height will never tire your eyes of feasting upon them. You can also choose to go hiking and kayaking to experience the best of nature.

Varied Wildlife

Kerala wildlife

Wild elephants roam Kerala’s forests along with the Bengal Tiger and other endangered species. And you can enjoy this richness and grandeur of the Mother Nature and the lovely abilities of its wild creatures. Kerala is home to a number of popular wildlife sanctuaries and two tiger reserves. The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary and the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary are the most popular among all others. Spend a night campaigning on these scenic spots and catch a glimpse of the unique flora and fauna of these amazing landscapes.

Spice Gardens

Spice garden kerala

A major port for exporting spices to national and international cities, spice tourism in Kerala is growing at a fast speed. The production of pepper, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves is in abundance among many other spices. Make a visit to these gardens and take a guided tour to understand the spice processing practices such as the grading methods, quality control methods, the effective packaging and everything else that goes into creating the final output.

To describe in a nutshell, Kerala with all its admiral beauty is a heaven on earth. So pack up, choose from the various Kerala tourism packages available and visit this land of wonders now.

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