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Toothache Treatment for Pain: Nowadays everyone, whether big or small, is complaining of pain in the teeth. Children get worms in the teeth due to eating more toffee, chocolate. Due to which the pain starts in their teeth. Due to the pain in the teeth (Dant ke dard se payn chutkara), both the grown up or the child have a lot of problems. Due to the pain in the teeth (Dant ke dard se chutkara paney), people are not able to eat much cold or hot things. If he eats, then his teeth start hurting a lot. Most of the people suffer from toothache due to poor dental hygiene, calcium deficiency, bacterial infection or weakening of the roots of the teeth. When there is pain in the teeth, it is very unbearable.

use alum

If you have a problem of pain in your teeth (dant ke dard ki samasya), then you must use alum. Alum is considered a panacea for all mouth related problems. Alum water provides great relief in toothache. Gargling with alum water provides relief in pain in a short time.

Clove and Mustard Oil

If you have pain in your teeth (Dant ka dard kyoun hota hai) then you can also use cloves, mustard oil and alum. This can give you quick relief. Crush cloves and then mix mustard oil and alum in it. After that, apply it where there is pain.

water and rock salt

If you have pain in your teeth, then take a glass of warm water. Then add some rock salt to it. After that rinse off with that water. You will also get a lot of relief from this.

eat onion

Onion proves beneficial in toothache. Eating onion provides great relief in toothache. Crush the onion and let the onion remain in your mouth for some time, after a while suffocate it.



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