Tomato Price Rise: Shock to the general public! Tomato price reached Rs 93, check ratelist


Tomato Price Rise: In the festive season, the impact of inflation on the general public is increasing. After the prices of gas cylinders and petrol and diesel, the prices of onions and tomatoes have also started making the general public cry. These days there is a steady increase in the prices of onions and tomatoes. According to government data, the retail prices of tomatoes have touched Rs 93 per kg on Monday due to bad weather and sluggish arrivals in the market. Tomato prices have reached the sky in many cities including the capital Delhi.

What is the price of 1 kg tomato in which city?
Talking about the metro city of the country, the retail prices of tomatoes here range between Rs 50 to Rs 93 per kg. The price of one kg tomato in Kolkata is Rs 93. At the same time, in the capital Delhi, the same tomato is being sold at the rate of Rs 59 per kg. Apart from this, it costs Rs 60 in Chennai and Rs 53 per kg in Mumbai.

Price is around Rs 50 per kg in 50 cities of the country
Apart from this, the retail price of tomato is at Rs 50 per kg in about 50 cities out of 175 cities of the country.

Why did the prices rise?
The main reason for the rise in prices is the unseasonal rains. Due to unseasonal rains, the tomato crop has suffered a lot. Apart from this, now it will take about 2 to 3 months for the arrival of new tomato crop, so during this time the prices are expected to rise.

India is the largest tomato producer
Let us tell you that India is the largest producer in the list of tomato growing countries. India is the second largest tomato producing country in the world after China. Produces about 19.75 million tonnes in India from an area of ​​about 7.89 lakh hectares with an average yield of about 25.05 tonnes per hectare.

Prices of other vegetables also increased
Let us tell you that apart from tomatoes, the prices of other vegetables are also increasing. From the wholesale market to the retail market, the prices are increasing rapidly. Apart from this, the effect of rising prices of petrol and diesel is also affecting the transportation of vegetables, due to which the prices are also increasing.

Know what the tomato seller said?
A vegetable vendor of Karol Bagh told in the conversation that due to the rain, good quality tomatoes are not being seen in the market. Apart from this, whoever comes to shop, he takes good quality vegetables first, after which the useless goods are left and the seller has to bear the loss. Ashok Kaushik, president of Azadpur Tomato Association, said, “Unseasonal rains in producing states like Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra have damaged the crop, affecting supply in consumer markets like Delhi. This has led to an increase in prices in the wholesale and retail markets.”

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