Today all these rules have changed in the country before Budget 2022, know what will be the effect on the general public

New Delhi | Rules Change Today: This year’s budget 2022-23 is going to be presented in the country today on February 1, 2022, while many rules are also going to change from today, which is going to affect the general public. Many banking rules are also changing from today. Let us know what are the changes happening from today…

Rs 20 plus GST charge on transaction in SBI
SBI is going to make new changes from February 1, i.e. today. Now, for transferring money between Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh through Paytm, Rs 20 plus GST will also be charged. In October 2021, the Reserve Bank of India had increased the limit for transactions through PDC. In such a situation, now instead of 2 lakh rupees, 5 lakh rupees can be transferred in a day.

LPG prices may change
Rules Change Today: LPG gas prices are reduced or increased on the first of every month in the country. In such a situation, today is again the 1st day and now it has to be seen what decision the oil companies take in this regard.

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PNB hikes penalty
From today Punjab National Bank has increased the penalty on the customers. Now if any installment or investment fails due to lack of money in the account, then the customer will now have to pay a penalty of Rs 250 instead of Rs 100.

Bank ATM will not be available

Bank of Baroda rules will change
With effect from February 1, the rules related to check clearance of Bank of Baroda customers have changed. For check payment from today, customers will have to follow the positive pay system. That is, for check clearance above Rs 10 lakh, information related to the check will have to be sent, only then the check will be cleared.

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