To what extent is the government encroachment on independent constitutional organizations justified?

Bhopal. An example of which non-democratic direction is the government’s attempt to limit our country’s constitution booklet to only ‘oath’, an example of this is our constitutionally independent organization, on which the government, encroaching on it illegally, sat down with its ‘granddaughter’. And for this reason this independent constitutional organization is forced to do non-constitutional and non-democratic work due to the fanaticism and selfishness of the government.

In our country, Election Commission, CBI, Public Service Commission etc. are such constitutional organizations, which can carry out their work in a constitutionally independent and fair manner, and after their formation, after the independence of the country, for many years after their formation, the Constitution was free and fair. But for the last five decades (almost since the Emergency) the ruling political parties in the country were misled and gradually now these independent constitutional organizations are allowed to become puppets in the hands of the political parties in the government. was forced. Whose elections in West Bengal, the latest massacre there and incidents in other parts of the country and anomalies related to elections are the latest examples. And now these constitutional organizations are being misused by the government so much that it cannot be compared with any country in the world.

Two years after our current Prime Minister Narendra Bhai Modi took oath as the Prime Minister for the first time, it was remembered that he had promised “One Nation-One Election” and Uniform Civil Code at the time of 2014 elections, At the same time, he had also resolved to give concrete shape to these two promises soon, but six years have passed since this resolution, Modi ji won the 2019 Lok Sabha elections with a huge majority and became the Prime Minister again, but these two promises of the country’s interest are still there. It is there, because in implementing them, the ‘ruling party’ is worried about reducing its vote bank, that is why neither the promise of “one nation-one election” saves lakhs and crores of rupees of the country. Neither the promise of a ‘uniform civil code’, which unites the citizens of the entire country in a thread of equality, is being fulfilled, both these important promises have been lost in the fog of power politics.

If we talk about One Nation One Election, then this is not an election slogan created by BJP, after the country’s independence from the first general elections held in 1951 till 1967, elections to Lok Sabha and state assemblies in the country simultaneously. But in 1969, some state assemblies were dissolved and President’s rule was imposed there, since then the elections to the Lok Sabha and the state assemblies began to differ according to the completion of their term, the result of which is visible today. Every year elections or by-elections to some state assembly are held and a lot of money and time of the country is being spent on it, the ruling political parties also get busy in the elections, due to which the work of public interest done by the government is not done and The ruling party also gets busy in political competition.

Now the current situation of the country is that just now the assembly elections have been completed in five states, after which the assembly elections of Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh will be held at the end of this year, followed by elections in Nagaland, Tripura, Meghalaya in February next year. Assembly elections will be held in Karnataka in May 2023 and in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Mizoram in November, followed by the states of Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Arunachal and Sikkim in December 2023 with the Legislative Assemblies of Rajasthan and Telangana and in April-May 2024 with Lok Sabha. Elections to the Legislative Assemblies will be held in Maharashtra and Haryana in October 2024 and Jharkhand in November-December followed by Delhi in February 2025 and Bihar in November-December. In this way, the election tenure of the states of the whole country is different and due to this being busy in political activities, neither the ruling parties are able to do any public interest government work nor the opposition parties are able to discharge their responsibilities and are affected by it. There is a poor common citizen or common voter.

That is why the BJP had made this issue an election slogan, which it has not been able to materialize till now, while Prime Minister Modi ji is committed to it. The same situation is with the Uniform Civil Code, the ruling party is not able to implement it due to the fear that the ‘vote bank’ of any particular community should not get angry due to its implementation. Oho…. When the promises you are unable to fulfill due to political compulsion, then why do you wrap them in politics and serve them as ‘sweet dishes’? This is a point to consider.

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