To make old iPhone and iPad new then follow these tips


iPhone iPad Speed: Is your old iPhone or iPad getting slow again and again and because of this you are thinking of replacing it. If this is happening to you and you are thinking of replacing your old device, then wait a bit. Have you wondered why your iPhone or iPad is slowing down? There can be many reasons behind this. For example, what kind of apps are you using, what is the software support and hardware issues. Here we will tell you some things through which you will be able to speed up the speed of your iPhone or iPad.

1. Free up space

Memory full is also one of the biggest reasons for the device to hang or run slow. Often there is also such data in the phone which we are not using for a long time. These include from apps to media files. Such files occupy the phone’s memory without talking. If it is also necessary, then you move such files from the phone to the cloud space but free up the space of the phone or iPad. If you want to see the memory status of your iPhone or iPad, first go to Settings. After that click on General and then Device option. Now by clicking on the option of Storage, you will be able to see the status of the memory. Now if you want to free up phone space, then go to Settings. Then click on General and Storage & iCloud Usage. After this the option of manager storage will come. Here you can delete those photos, apps and videos that are not of your use.

2. Clear the RAM

Phone users pay very little attention to how many programs are running in their phone simultaneously. How many tabs are open in Chrome or Safari browser? But due to all these reasons, there is a load on the RAM of the phone and the speed is slow. That’s why the RAM should be cleaned from time to time. To clean RAM in iPhone or iPad, you go to Settings. Click on Accessibility here. Now you have to click on Touch. After this the option of Assistive Touch will be available. After clicking on it, turn on the toggle. After doing this setting, go to the home screen. Now release the Power button and then press and hold the Hovering Assistive Touch Home button. Keep doing this until you go to the home screen.

3. Restart

If your iPhone or iPad is running slow, then you can also fix it by restarting it. Actually, due to continuous running, many programs remain on in the device. This also slows down his speed. In such a situation it is necessary that you restart your device once. Close all your programs before restarting.

4. Update App

Sometimes the speed of the iPhone or iPad is also affected due to other apps. If this is happening to you as well, then check once whether all the apps present in your device are updated or not. If an app is not updated, then update it. To update the app automatically, go to Settings. Then click on App Store. Now you will see the option of automatic download. Your apps will start updating as soon as you turn it on.

5. Clear Browser Cookies

To keep the speed of any device right, it is important that we keep clearing its browser cookies from time to time. The same applies to the iPhone and iPad as well. If you use Chrome browser, then after clicking on it, click on the three circle above. Now you will see the option of setting. By clicking here, you will get the option of privacy. Now after clicking on it, touch on Clear Browsing Data. If you use Safari, click on Clear History and Website Data at the bottom.

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