Tips: How to get back a stolen smartphone, here’s a very easy way to know

Nowadays, it has become very common for mobile phones to be lost or stolen in this hectic life. Most of the trouble happens when the phone is lost because it contains our contacts and personal photos. However, if the phone is stolen or lost, first of all the police should be informed so that the troubles to come can be avoided. But today we are telling you such a trick, through which you can trace your phone even at your level. Let us know what is this trick.

just have to do this work
To get your lost phone back, you have to do some important things. Please note that whenever you sign in to any Android device with a Google Account, Find My Device is automatically turned on. Google’s free Find My Device service is what you use to track, remote lock, and erase your phone data anytime you want.

Location will be found like this
For this, you have to search Find My Device in your other phone. On clicking this, a notification will be sent to your lost phone. The location of your lost mobile will be found in your mobile immediately after the notification is sent. Apart from this, by using Find My Device, you can find the last location of your lost mobile.

You will get three options
Apart from this, you will also get three options in which the first will be to play the sound. After selecting this option, your phone will start ringing loudly for 5 minutes. This will happen even when your phone is on silent or vibration mode. The second option will be of Secure Device, on clicking on which you will be locked because of the PIN, password or screen lock given to the mobile. At the same time, the facility of erasing data will be available in the third option. With which you can easily erase the data of your lost phone.

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