Tight pair of tightness in Congress

Bhopal, The Congress is in opposition in the state for 18 years except one and a half years, yet the party leaders are not taking any kind of leniency. The way Congress state president Kamal Nath and state in-charge J.P. In the party meetings, Aggarwal is giving advice to the party leaders in two words. On the one hand, where the confidence of these leaders is visible, on the other hand, there is no possibility for the loose leaders in the party.

In fact, Congress state president Kamal Nath has become known for the fact that he speaks less and speaks bluntly, no matter how much damage may be done. In the program organized on the sacrifice day of Shankar Shah and Kunwar Raghunath Shah at the State Congress office on Sunday, Kamal Nath bluntly said that the party will not end if someone leaves the Congress. If someone wants to go, we will not stop him, those who want to go after seeing the future in BJP, then go, I will give them my car to go. He said that I do not believe in the happiness of anyone, those who are working in the Congress are working with loyalty to the party, on this statement of Kamal Nath, some people remembered the statement when he told Jyotiraditya Scindia when he was the Chief Minister. It was that Scindia should get down on the road and since then it was also believed that due to this statement, the Congress government fell in the state, but since then Kamal Nath is burning in the flame of vengeance and he will form the Congress government in the state in 2023. are striving for.

However, the Congress is constantly in opposition in the state, only in 2018 for one and a half years, the party came to the government and after that the struggle started again which is still going on. It is generally believed that when a party leader is in a phase of struggle, he activates the party leaders and workers by refusing or appeasing them, but after the elections of Panchayati Raj and urban bodies, Kamal Nath’s attitude have turned. It is being told that before these elections, Kamal Nath had repeatedly urged everyone in the meetings of party leaders and workers to take these elections very seriously and fight the BJP firmly, but the kind of feedback that reached them, the party At some places, the responsible leaders of the BJP surrendered before the leaders or even entered into a compromise with the party. Some people came under greed and some under pressure. After this information, Kamal Nath changed his strategy and Sanjay Gandhi era partner J.P. After making Agrawal the state in-charge, now both the leaders are coming out in a tough manner to bring tightness in the party. You can leave the party. As recently former Khurai MLA Arunoday Choubey has left the party. Apart from this, the MLAs who have cross-voted in the presidential election and caste multiplication according to local equations, they see the possibility of forming the government like 2018. This is the reason why they are now playing a protective stoka by bluntly advising the wavering leaders that such people leave the party in time so that they can prepare an alternative leadership in those areas or else leave the wavering attitude and get ready for the party. Go. On this strategy of Kamal Nath, newly appointed state in-charge J.P. Agarwal is also taking steps and continuously giving dose of advice to the party leaders in the meetings for 2 days.

Overall, Kamal Nath and J.P. Aggarwal’s tough pair has become active in the field. Now this time will tell whether this style should not harm the party like Scindia or make the party active and confident as both the leaders are experienced and knowledgeable in electoral politics. They are making lists of both types of leaders. One who is continuously working for the party and one who becomes active only at the time of election and for 5 years neither work for the party nor participate in the happiness and misery of the people. The public also understands the gimmicks done at the time of elections and the leaders of the party also understand. Now the days of such leaders are not going to be good in Congress. Perhaps this is the message this pair has been giving to the leaders in the party meetings since 2 days.

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