Three-year-old innocent child shot his mother to death, died in sports!

New Delhi | Child Shot Mother: A living example of how painful the pampering and carelessness of parents towards children becomes for them has been seen in America. Where an innocent child shot his mother while playing. Due to which the mother died on the spot. The police has arrested the father of the child in connection with this incident and the police has started investigation.

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The age of the child’s mother is only 22 years
Child Shot Mother: According to the information, this sensational incident happened in the parking lot of a supermarket in Dolton, Midwestern city of Chicago, USA. In which a 3-year-old innocent child lost his own mother’s blood. While the mother in whose lap the child used to play, the mother was lying on the ground as a corpse today. According to US police, the child fired back at the mother’s neck. The child’s mother, Dejah Bennett, was only 22 years old.

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Trigger pressed while playing, bullet fired
According to the police, the 3-year-old child was sitting in the back seat of the car and both the front seats had his parents. Now call it parental negligence or love. Sitting behind, the innocent child was playing with his father’s pistol filled with cartridges. During this, the child pressed his trigger while playing and the bullet was fired. The bullet also went straight to his mother’s neck. A frightened father immediately rushed her to a hospital in Chicago, the doctors declared the mother dead.

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