Three wheeler with low price with Baxi, will cover 32Km distance in one liter CNG

Photo:India TV Baxi brings three wheeler at a low price


  • Baixi Super King CNG Cargo Will Give 32 Km Mileage
  • Available in Baixi Express CNG Passenger 230-300 CC
  • Showroom Price of CNG Cargo Carrier Rs.3,00 Lakh

Baxy Wheeler: Baxy Mobility A well-known brand for its cargo and passenger three wheelers, which offer CNG, Diesel And EV belongs to category. These three wheelers are made with state-of-the-art technologies that deliver great performance. Its models come with a diesel mechanical engine.

Baxi has launched two new CNG variants in the market. Super King Cargo and Express Passenger. It comes with BS6 technology. Navith Menon, Vice President, Company, said, “In an effort to further strengthen its presence in the alternative fuel segment space, Baxi Mobility has come up with CNG cargo and passenger models, which will provide the consumers with the most of their cost benefits. built in.”

What is the specialty of Baxi Super King CNG Cargo

The Baixi Super King CNG Cargo Carrier comes with the largest cargo tray in the industry of 6.5 feet. It offers the option of extra loading, which can be carried on rough roads with better mileage. These vehicles promise great performance and reliability. Their maintenance cost is low and they are helpful in earning more profit.

The product comes with a powerful Baxi M-Tec G400 WG VI Bi Fuel CNG engine, which gives a mileage of 32Km/Kg. A four-year warranty is also given by the company. It is available in Single Cylinder (40L) and Double Cylinder (30+30L). As such, it is especially useful in areas where CNG pumps are very far away. You get more payload capacity and smoother 4 speed gearbox in this. The showroom price of Baxi Super King CNG Cargo Carrier is Rs.3,00 Lakh.

Available in Baixi Express CNG Passenger 230-300 CC

Baixi Express CNG Passenger train gives better performance in lesser price. You can easily carry 3 passengers even on difficult roads. It comes in 230-300 cc. The special thing about this three-wheeler is that it requires less maintenance, it provides the best experience with high quality. Mileage range is 32-34km/Kg.

The Baxi Express CNG comes with maximum gradability of 18 degrees, secure doors and superior legroom. Its wheelbase is 1910 mm, height is 1780 mm and ground clearance is 175 mm. The fuel tank of this auto rickshaw comes with 9 liters of CNG capacity and the hydraulic drum brake system is superb. The dashboard is very stylish. Its showroom price is Rs 2.90 lakh, on which a four-year warrant is given by the company.

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